Unveiling the Battle Against Online Ad Fraud Through Technology

19th January, 2024
Unveiling the Battle Against Online Ad Fraud Through Technology

In the evolving landscape of technological innovation, AI and other advanced tools are empowering businesses for unprecedented effectiveness. However, amidst this progress, a significant challenge looms large — the dark side of today’s tech advances, prominently represented by the menace of ad fraud.

The Costly Reality for Brands

From unscrupulous scammers cramming banner ad slots with multiple video players to deceptive web traffic generated by bots, both large and small brands are witnessing a substantial drain on their digital marketing budgets.

Technological Solutions in the Face of Ad Fraud

No brand wishes to squander marketing dollars on ads meant for bots instead of potential customers. Fortunately, technology, though implicated in the creation of ad fraud issues, is also evolving to provide robust solutions.

Monitoring Server Behavior and Blocking Invalid Traffic

  • Tools are instrumental in combating ad fraud by deploying systems that scrutinize server behavior during ad delivery.
  • These systems strategically block traffic from suspicious servers engaged in fraudulent click attempts, thereby significantly reducing bot-driven clicks.
  • Leveraging monitored activity patterns, these tools possess the capability to detect and counteract suspicious actions and behaviors.

Case in Point: VeraViews

  • An advertising stack tool utilizing blockchain, AI, and machine learning for detecting and blocking bots and fraudulent traffic in video ads.
  • A publishing partner discovered a 23.2 percent loss in advertising revenues to bots, mitigated by implementing VeraViews, resulting in a remarkable 96 percent reduction in unidentified fraud.
  • Over 33,000 fraudulent IP addresses were identified, leading to a substantial improvement in campaign revenue and overall performance.

Importance for PPC Campaigns

  • Similar services are particularly vital for PPC campaigns, where targeted click fraud can swiftly deplete allocated marketing budgets before reaching actual consumers.

Partnering with Trustworthy Ad Networks

  • Choosing a reputable ad network becomes crucial for delivering banner ads and online content.
  • Trustworthy networks offer transparent tools, focusing on essential metrics like conversion rates rather than fixating on clicks and impressions.
  • These networks employ credential-based fraud detection tools to identify and blacklist suspicious websites prone to high volumes of bot traffic.

Identifying Ad Fraud: A Business Imperative

  • Businesses, uncertain about ad fraud affecting them, can evaluate their web traffic, with certain industries experiencing significant bot linkage.
  • Industries like gaming, business services, and even automotive witness substantial percentages of web traffic coming from bad bots.
  • Cautionary signs include campaigns delivering minimal performance, especially low conversion rates, alongside unusual spikes in clicks and impressions and poor on-site performance.

Safeguarding Your Marketing Budget

  • Despite the plethora of ad fraud prevention technology, meticulous evaluation of marketing outcomes remains paramount.
  • Even when collaborating with a trustworthy ad server network, businesses must undertake due diligence to identify and rectify potential ad fraud issues before they jeopardize a campaign.

Ensuring Visibility and Authenticity

  • A well-targeted and well-executed ad can lead to sales only if seen by actual people.
  • Despite the persistent challenge of ad fraud, leveraging available technology resources can prevent it from becoming a major hindrance for your brand.
  • By guaranteeing that ads reach real online audiences, businesses can instill confidence that their ad traffic originates from genuine individuals, ultimately achieving the desired marketing outcomes.