How to Create a Logo in Adobe Illustrator

16th October, 2023
How to Create a Logo in Adobe Illustrator

Text and a graphic element are the two major parts of a classic logo. These components can be utilized together or individually, and this kind of design is frequently referred to as a combination logo. Because text-based logos are easier to recognize, many businesses choose to use them.

There are three to seven categories in which logotypes can be categorized and named, although the basic idea behind the design is always the same. You will be able to create whatever type of logo you want once you have mastered the creation of both text and logo marks.

We will show you how to use Adobe Illustrator to create a combination logo and a text logo from scratch in this tutorial. I’ll also offer insightful logo design advice based on my own experience.

It’s important to comprehend what a combination of logos and text logos is before diving into the tutorial.

What is a Combination Logo?

A combination logo combines a logo mark (graphic or shape) with a wordmark (text). You can use these two components independently or in combination. A few well-known companies with combo logos are Microsoft, Adidas, Adobe, Airbnb, and others.

What is a Text Logo?

A text logo, which is the name or initials of the company, is sometimes referred to as a wordmark or letter mark. Notably, it’s more than simply a font. While wordmark logos, like those of Google, eBay, Coca-Cola, and Calvin Klein, are well-known, letter mark logos, like those of P&G, CNN, NASA, and other companies, typically use a company’s initials or short letter combinations.

All set to make your own? Here’s how to create a text logo by altering an already-existing font.

The tutorial’s screenshots are from the Mac version of Adobe Illustrator CC, so they might not look the same on Windows or other versions.

Creating a Text Logo in Adobe Illustrator:

In Adobe Illustrator, use the Type Tool (keyboard shortcut T) to add text to a new document. Type in the brand name, such as “This Holiday.”

After selecting the text, go to Properties > Character panel and select a good font. Make sure the font you choose has a license for commercial use at all times. Free typefaces can be found with confidence in Adobe typefaces, which comes with your Creative Cloud subscription.

Using the keyboard shortcut Command + Shift + O, turn the text into a path. You can alter the text as shapes in this phase. If you’re unsure, think about duplicating the text because after you outline it, you can’t change the font.

To make individual changes to each letter, ungroup the outlined text. With a variety of tools, like the Direction Selection Tool and Eraser, you may edit the text to add special touches or smooth out the borders.

Depending on the topic and style of your brand, you can choose to add color to your logo or leave it monochromatic. You can improve the text’s aesthetic appeal by applying effects or distorting it.

Continue reading if you think your logo requires one more visual element.

Creating a Combination Logo in Adobe Illustrator:

A combination logo is one that has both text and a graphic element. To create the text portion of your logo, follow the same steps as previously. We’ll concentrate on developing the graphic element, or logo mark, in this section.

Creating a distinctive shape that embodies your brand or company is the process of crafting a logo mark. Here’s how to come up with ideas and create a logo mark:
Begin by generating ideas and selecting components that best embodies your company or sector. When creating a logo for a cocktail bar, for instance, take into account components like shakers, fruits, and cocktail glasses.

Draw your ideas straight in Adobe Illustrator or on paper. If you are at all confused about where to start, you can start by tracing or modifying photos.

To make simple shapes, use Adobe Illustrator’s shape tools. To build a distinctive trademark mark, combine and alter these forms using programs like Shape Builder or Pathfinder. For example, you can use the Rectangle and Ellipse tools to outline a martini glass, and then use Pathfinder to combine the shapes.

To construct the text portion of your logo, adhere to the previously mentioned methods. Make sure the font selection complements the design of your logo.

Select colors that work well for your logo. If necessary, you can change the fill color to a stroke to turn it into a line logo.

Ascertain how the text and logo mark should be arranged. Combination logos can be made in several ways by changing the form next to or above the text. There are no hard and fast rules when choosing a layout; go with what looks good for your brand.

You’re done; just save your logo!

Advice: If you’re having trouble coming up with a logo from scratch, use online resources to get ideas, then personalize the layout to make it your own.

A combination of creativity, creative expertise, and a thorough grasp of your brand’s identity go into creating a logo. You may realize your logo idea with Adobe Illustrator’s robust capabilities, regardless of whether it’s a text logo, combo logo, or a combination of both.