Digital Growth Marketing Playbook with Amazon Ads is unveiled by Publicis Commerce India

13th March, 2024
Digital Growth Marketing Playbook with Amazon Ads is unveiled by Publicis Commerce India

Retail media channels are gaining popularity in growth marketing. The playbook reveals that 97 percent of marketers are well aware of retail media, with 69 percent already utilizing it for growth marketing endeavors. The playbook suggests employing various retail media formats, such as video ads and display ads, alongside native ad formats to bolster reach and performance.

Publicis Commerce India has introduced the first Digital Growth Marketing Playbook, created in collaboration with Amazon Ads. This playbook delineates how advertisers can embrace a growth marketing approach, transitioning from isolated campaigns to strategies that contribute to overall business growth.

The objective of this playbook is to offer a marketer’s perspective on growth marketing and provide actionable steps for brands to implement it effectively. It addresses the foremost concerns among marketers, particularly focusing on short-to-mid-term growth in light of evolving consumer preferences and behaviors.

Identifying challenges like heightened competition, technological disruptions, fluctuating demand, and escalating costs, the playbook aims to equip marketers with insights and strategic approaches to tackle these hurdles.

Based on a survey of 100 senior marketers, the Digital Growth Marketing Playbook provides insights into marketers’ perspectives on growth marketing and presents strategic measures for brands to adopt it successfully. It offers tailored approaches across brands, acknowledging the unique challenges and opportunities each business segment encounters.

Moreover, the playbook examines the shift in the digital advertising landscape from customer engagement to customer experience, advocating for an expanded marketing funnel that encompasses both conversion and retention. It emphasizes the importance of metrics beyond Return On Advertising Spends (ROAS), including customer lifetime value, share of branded searches, and new-to-brand customers.

The playbook identifies three primary levers for business growth:

  1. Acquire New Customers: Expanding market segment share by reaching new audiences through short and long-term growth management and leveraging key events.
  2. Improve Share of Wallet: Driving growth through high-value-added customer experiences and product launches.
  3. Increase Loyalty: Cultivating strong brand loyalty and retaining customers for sustained growth.

These growth levers translate into key growth marketing strategies, guiding marketers on how to customize their approach, adjust execution, and measure success. Additionally, the playbook underscores the importance of an ‘always-on’ advertising strategy to enhance brand visibility and increase brand search volumes.

Anshul Garg, Managing Partner and Head at Publicis Commerce India, remarked, “Growth marketing transcends mere brand awareness and generic promotional strategies. It represents a fundamental shift in marketing approach, placing holistic growth at its core. With the strategic insights provided by the Digital Growth Marketing Playbook, marketers can fully leverage growth marketing to propel their businesses to unprecedented levels of success.”

Kapil Sharma, Director of Growth Customer Sales at Amazon Ads, added, “Growth marketing has the potential to unlock additional opportunities for brands across all categories and price points, with a strategic and long-term focus on marketing. The inaugural edition of the Digital Growth Marketing Playbook offers directional guidance to brands in the marketing sphere, furnishing insights, strategies, and practical advice to help businesses of all sizes achieve their objectives.