EU launches investigation into Google and Apple’s app store policies

27th March, 2024
EU launches investigation into Google and Apple’s app store policies

Apple faces a dual blow from EU investigations, compounded by a comprehensive antitrust inquiry in the US. The European Union probes Apple’s alleged violations of antitrust laws, including accusations of restricting rivals’ access to hardware and software features. Additionally, Apple received a hefty fine of ₹1.8 billion ($2 billion) for impeding music streaming apps from offering users cheaper deals.

The EU’s investigations extend to Alphabet’s Google and Meta Platforms, with potential significant fines looming. The focus is on ensuring compliance with the bloc’s Digital Markets Act (DMA), targeting app store regulations, Google’s search result preferences, and Apple’s potential hindrances to alternative browser choices.

Meta’s Instagram and Facebook platforms also face scrutiny over new subscription fees, with potential fines reaching up to 10% of global revenue. EU antitrust chief Margrethe Vestager emphasized the seriousness of the cases, hinting at further examinations into Apple’s fee structure for alternative app stores and Amazon’s marketplace ranking practices.

Apple maintains confidence in DMA compliance, while Google emphasizes its efforts to adapt its services to European regulations. Meta asserts its commitment to meeting regulatory obligations.

In the US, Apple confronts antitrust allegations regarding hardware and software access restrictions, paralleling EU concerns. The recent EU fine further intensifies the scrutiny on Apple’s practices.