Be aware that what you do on social media may cost you a career opportunity

18th April, 2024
Be aware that what you do on social media may cost you a career opportunity

It’s crucial to revisit social media best practices, especially during election season, as your posts could contradict company values.

Anant Pujari, a marketing professional based in Mumbai, faced challenges in securing a job not because he lacked qualifications but due to his outspoken social media presence. Prospective employers raised concerns about his posts, particularly those expressing strong political views, leading to reluctance in hiring him unless he modified his online behavior. For instance, sharing images from protests against the CAA-NRC Act in Shaheen Bagh, Delhi, garnered negative attention from recruiters.

“At first, this caught me off guard about five years ago,” recalls the 32-year-old. “I wasn’t aware that my social media activity was under scrutiny. Being vocal about my political stance led to criticism from employers who deemed my content offensive. Eventually, I had to tone down my online presence. I knew it could affect my career trajectory, and I couldn’t afford to take that risk.”

In today’s digital era, academic and professional accomplishments alone may not suffice for job opportunities. Employers increasingly consider an individual’s online profile as a determinant in assessing potential hires. While one may intend to engage in meaningful discussions or gain popularity through posts on societal issues or political climate, the reception can be unpredictable.