The Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size & Best Practices (2024 Update)

12th March, 2024
The Perfect Facebook Cover Photo Size & Best Practices (2024 Update)

An excellent illustration of how social media marketing differs from simple social media use is seen in Facebook cover photographs. While anything that looks good on a profile might make a terrific personal cover photo, business cover shots need to be much more.

Facebook cover photos for Pages must reflect and market our company. It must also be of excellent quality and flawlessly suited for display, which calls for understanding the ideal dimensions for a Facebook cover photo.

We’ll look at the ideal Facebook cover photo dimensions and best practices in this piece to make sure your photos accurately reflect your company.

Facebook Cover Photo Size

Facebook states that the dimensions of your cover photo are 640 pixels wide by 360 pixels tall on smartphones and 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall on PCs.

While it’s never quite that easy, this is a fantastic place to start. Because your Facebook cover appears differently on desktop and mobile devices, it can be challenging.

As a result, we advise utilizing the 820 by 360-pixel proportions and maintaining all text and graphics in the central safe zone in accordance with the guidelines below:

Comparing Desktop and Mobile Cover Photos

You must exercise caution while creating your Facebook cover photo because it appears differently on desktop and mobile devices. Nonetheless, creating with safe zones in mind will result in a Facebook cover photo that looks good on both platforms.

Thankfully, Facebook automatically trims images rather than stretching and distorting them to fit a specific dimension. When viewed on a mobile device, the edges of your Facebook cover photo will be cropped, revealing more of the image’s height.

Facebook, on the other hand, crops the top and bottom of your cover photo while displaying a larger portion of the image on a desktop device.

Having said that, we advise staying within the secure zones and utilizing the Facebook cover photo dimensions of 820 by 360 pixels. By doing this, you can make sure that on desktop and mobile platforms, none of the important parts of your cover photo are cropped out.

The 99 Code Design Method for Making a Facebook Cover Photo

Our robust and user-friendly graphics creator has made creating a Facebook cover photo really straightforward, if you’re ready to get started. In this video, you will learn how to use 99 Code Design to design the perfect Facebook cover photo in step-by-step fashion.

Here are a few screenshots to guide you through each step of the procedure. For an automatically-adjusted ideal cover photo size, you can select the pre-set Facebook cover photo.

Once you’ve chosen this option, you can either design an original cover photo or select one of our totally adjustable pre-made Facebook Cover themes.

You can submit your own image or pick one from our gallery of images, even if you utilize a template. Anywhere in the image, add text, images, shapes, and effects. You can effortlessly drag and drop each of these add-ons, adjust their opacity, and select the layer in which you want them to appear.

Which Facebook cover photo should I use?

It can be challenging to decide precisely what should be featured in your cover shot, aside from selecting an item of excellent quality and relevance to our organization. Everything about it is up to you, your company, and what you think your target market will be most interested in.

Great examples of cover photo use cases include:

Make use of your cover photo to generate leads or sales. In social media marketing, I firmly think that “social” should come before “marketing,” but that doesn’t imply there isn’t any space for business promotion. You can achieve better results with less effort if you use a suitable CTA Page button in conjunction with a cover photo that is intended to generate leads or sales.

Highlight user-generated content. One of the most effective marketing tools you have at your disposal is user-generated content; including this real content into your cover photo will greatly increase rapport and loyalty.

Publicize forthcoming events. Don’t be scared to highlight upcoming events on your Facebook cover photo, such as a conference, free webinar, or even social contest. It’s a good method to immediately inform new users about it.

Present the qualities and advantages of the product. Showcasing the benefits of your product can help you stand out from the competition right away and can also have a positive impact on sales.

Display your store. If your location has a storefront or office area, it can make for a stunning photo and draw more people in.

Highlight employees and team members. Using actual employees in your cover photo helps humanize your company and highlight the real people who run it. Employee generated content (EGC) can be just as valuable as user-provided content (UGC).

Innovative Ideas for Facebook Cover Photos

Take a peek at these six imaginative cover photo samples that we created for small and online businesses if you need some ideas.