Spotify is possibly working on tools that would enable users to remix songs

15th April, 2024
Spotify is possibly working on tools that would enable users to remix songs

Spotify is in the process of developing remix tools for users, alongside a new premium tier called Music Pro, aimed at tapping into the trend of user-generated remixes popularized by platforms like TikTok. These tools will offer capabilities for adjusting tempo, blending tracks, and creating DJ-style sequences to craft customized mixes.

According to screenshots captured by app researcher Chris Messina and initially reported by The Wall Street Journal, Spotify is working on integrating these mixing features directly into its streaming platform. While the plans are still in their early stages and licensing agreements are pending, the intention is to empower users to modify songs by tweaking tempo, blending tracks, and applying various transitions. These remixed versions could then be saved for repeated playback within Spotify.

The mixing tools, as depicted in the screenshots shared with TechCrunch, will enable users to showcase their DJ skills by setting tempo ranges and filtering songs based on genres, moods, activities, and more, to curate the ultimate mix. Moreover, the app’s code hints at automated features that would assist users in sequencing tracks with similar keys, tempos, and styles, making the process accessible even to those without prior mixing experience.

This move by Spotify is a response to the surge in popularity of modified songs on TikTok, where approximately 38% of songs had their speeds or pitches altered in 2023, up from 25% in 2022. However, artists and labels often miss out on royalties from these altered versions due to difficulties in tracking and distribution across multiple platforms.

The introduction of these new mixing tools is expected to provide musicians with opportunities to earn revenue from remixes associated with their original tracks, addressing the issue of unofficial remixes garnering millions of streams without benefiting the original creators. Some artists, including SZA, Lana Del Rey, and The Cab, have already embraced this trend by releasing official sped-up versions of their songs to steer listeners towards their official tracks.

While traditional user-generated remixes typically do not generate revenue for artists when uploaded to streaming platforms or shared on social media, Spotify’s approach could potentially open up new revenue streams for musicians.

The rumored Music Pro tier is anticipated to be offered as an add-on to the existing Premium subscription, with additional features such as lossless audio streaming, advanced library filters, and several AI-powered enhancements.