Meta successfully appeals court order banning its name usage in Brazil

16th March, 2024
Meta successfully appeals court order banning its name usage in Brazil

Meta, formerly Facebook, wins appeal in Brazil to retain its name, emphasizing focus on the ‘metaverse’ amid confusion with another company.

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, succeeded in overturning a prior court ruling on Friday, allowing it to continue using its name in Brazil despite earlier confusion with another company.

In late February, Mark Zuckerberg’s technology firm was instructed to cease its name usage in Brazil within 30 days. This came after a Brazilian computer services provider claimed ownership rights to the name and cited over 100 lawsuits resulting from the U.S. branding.

The Brazilian division of Meta stated that it holds the rights to the name in Brazil. Additionally, it emphasized the importance of adhering to the law, irrespective of the business decisions made by foreign entities operating in the country.

The ruling may yet be appealed by the firm.

In 2021, U.S. Meta—formerly Facebook—underwent a name change as part of a rebranding initiative that centered on creating the “metaverse,” a communal virtual world.

Ex-VP Dipinder Singh Khurana is being sued by Meta for “brazenly disloyal” behavior.

Meta, Facebook’s parent company, has initiated legal proceedings against its former Vice President of Infrastructure, Dipinder Singh Khurana, also recognized as T S Khurana. The lawsuit alleges Khurana’s misconduct of stealing confidential documents before joining a clandestine AI cloud computing startup. Khurana is accused of breaching his contract and displaying disloyal behavior by transferring Meta’s proprietary documents regarding its business and employees to his personal accounts. This legal action underscores Meta’s dedication to safeguarding its confidential information amidst a wave of comparable cases in the technology sector.