Social clutter and the skill of sifting it out

19th April, 2024
Social clutter and the skill of sifting it out

In a conversation with ETBrandEquity, Utsav Malhotra, the COO of Noise, shares insights into how the brand leverages active social listening to its advantage, effectively distinguishing between social media clutter and valuable insights. Social listening empowers Noise to identify emerging themes within its community, thereby shaping the brand’s communication strategies. Malhotra emphasizes, “This proactive approach establishes us as responsive, authentic, and customer-centric.”

For Utsav Malhotra, COO of Noise, social media holds immense significance in community building for the personal tech and accessories brand. Malhotra highlights Instagram’s pivotal role in this aspect, stating, “From startups to established players, brands recognize Instagram’s pivotal role in community building. For new-age brands like us, Instagram provides a vital channel to engage with our audience and foster a sense of belonging.”

India’s leading position in Instagram active users, with over 350 million as of early 2024, underscores the platform’s resonance with both Gen Z and marketers. With users spending approximately 40 minutes per day on the platform, their digital footprints offer valuable insights for companies seeking trends or consumer insights.

In the thriving culture of Gen Z, social media serves as a trendsetting hub, with trends like songs, reels, and memes sweeping the internet. The comments section emerges as a rich source of information, reflecting vibrant expressions of opinions and views.

In today’s digital landscape, brands are actively participating in online interactions, mastering the art of commenting on Instagram. Malhotra asserts, “Instagram serves as a powerful tool for brands to humanize themselves and form authentic connections with consumers.”

The comments section has become a battleground for brands in the era of influencer marketing, where meaningful interactions and tailored responses resonate with consumers. Social listening enables brands to grasp audience sentiments, preferences, and cultural conversations in real-time, facilitating personalized interactions and moment marketing opportunities.

For Noise, social listening is integral to identifying emerging community themes and refining communication strategies, fostering brand-consumer relationships. Malhotra cites successful engagements like collaborations with Neha Doodles on Women’s Day or the #KingChiku campaign, underscoring the impact of community engagement strategies.

Mastering the art of commenting on Instagram goes beyond superficial interactions; authenticity, creativity, and value are paramount. Noise actively engages consumers through compelling narratives and interactive content, fostering meaningful connections in the crowded social media landscape.